June was born in PNG in 1954 and moved to Australia in 1967. She has always had a desire and passion for art, drawing, even as a young child, and as an adult, has sought to learn more and attend workshops and classes whenever she could.

In 2008, she attended weekly classes with Leoni Duff in her Launceston studio, and the world of pastel painting, art history and serious application to studio work took on a new meaning. This influence on her work created opportunities for June to gain significant recognition in art competitions.

A mark of June’s paintings is capturing the light so it exposes the often overlooked elements, and brings delight to the viewer’s eye. She also loves painting still life and figure drawings, and the challenge of the discipline needed to excel.

June Wilson is an experienced artist and teacher of pastels and has been involved in teaching at Adult Education and in private classes and workshops for many years. She has exhibited her work both locally and on the mainland. She has won State awards for her pastel art and is a popular participant in Northern Tasmanian art circles.

June loves pastels and always endeavours to make it fun for others to learn. She has the ability to inspire confidence in her students and to bring out their best. June believes that a sound knowledge of painting practices and a good understanding of your medium, allows for greater artistic expression.